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Hello there,

My name is Camelia and…

⭐ I’m an enthusiastic, cheerful, friendly and energetic teacher!

⭐ I have experience teaching in person and online, having taught both children and adults of different levels.

⭐ I go above and beyond for each one of my students & give 100% effort to make sure you achieve your goals!

⭐ I offer enjoyable and engaging lessons to keep you motivated.

⭐ I focus on the individual needs of each student.

❓ What you can expect from my lessons:

✅ Well structured materials (Pdfs, Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, audio recordings and more). You do not need to buy any textbook or other resources, I offer everything you need to support your study in an organised manner.

✅ Plenty of vocabulary and useful expressions for daily use in real-life situations or specific terms and idioms for certain areas you are interested in;

✅ Grammar explained in-depth with theory and examples.

✅ Loads of exercises to practice your newly acquired vocabulary and grammar;

✅ Listening and writing practice;

✅ Conversation practice on various topics in a fun and relaxed way;

✅ Interactive reading and comprehension practice through stories accompanied by illustrations and interesting articles;

✅ Picture description exercises;

✅ Plus my constant encouragement and patience to keep you motivated 🙂

Read more about myself, my qualifications, experience and certifications in the About section.

Feedback from the students:

"Camelia is wonderful! She was prepared with a lesson and talking points for exactly what I was most concerned about learning. She is also a pleasure to speak with, prompting me to discuss many of my favorite parts of Romania and to practice speaking about those things that I love. She was also very good at translating the obscure work vocabulary that I will need and making sure I could practice those things after the lesson. I loved my lesson and am looking forward to the next one!

Camelia is bright fun and engaging. She is always prepared, always patient and always a pleasure to learn from. She explains everything in ways that are easy to understand and, as always, creates a pleasant session. I'm looking forward to my next lesson!"

Kurt Collard,


"Camelia really stands out as a teacher. I am always fascinated by her upbeat and happy personality as well as her endless curiosity and keen interest in Japanese culture, arts and writing. Thank you so much for going above and beyond to help me achieve fluency these months, I always love listening to your stories and getting your perspective on things. Any student would be lucky to have you as a teacher. I want you to know how happy I am that I have met you 🙂"



"A fun light-hearted conversation lesson with Camelia. It especially helps that she's always laughing and smiling during the conversation, really motivating you to keep speaking and continue the fun. She also tends to choose some good topics to discuss so it's a great experience all around. Really looking forward to the next lesson! Mulțumesc mult, Camelia!!"



"Excellent lesson with Camelia. She was immensely patient and provided a lot of insight into the Japanese language- from colloquial phrases to distinctions in syntax from English. I highly recommend her!"



”Camelia is a great teacher and I always look forward to our lessons! She is super positive and encourages me to try and do my best. She is also very good at teaching; has good materials prepared for each lesson, explains everything in a good way and makes a lot of time for practicing during the lessons. She is patient and helpful, and I'm learning a lot! 🙂

I've been studying with Camelia for a few months now, and I definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to learn Romanian! She is patient and takes the time to explain things until you understand it, but she also motivates you to try hard and move forward. She is a fun and motivating teacher, and I always enjoy the lessons! I think the lessons balance new grammar, exercises, review, and conversation well :)”



Camelia is very friendly, professional, and accommodating. We started with the first basic concepts and all the lesson was very engaging. She cares about accuracy and that the student understands the material given during the lesson. Any question about Romanian language or culture is clearly answered. Lessons are well structured and having assignments for the next lesson, which helps to go over the classes. I think her method is very effective and I surely want to keep going with her.



After every lesson I want to go back to my books and study more - Cami-san has a very positive influence! I feel like we had a great practice of adjectives today by applying the words to real life situations. Very helpful! とてもよかったです



Camelia is an attentive and scrupulous teacher, she moves skillfully in the chaotic and incomprehensible jungle of words that come out of my mouth, and gives them a proper sense and sound. And even in this intrepid mission she never loses her contagious smile. Thanks!



”Camelia is awesome. This is my second lesson and I feel like I learned so much in our time together. I have several days worth of studying to make sure that I am prepared for our next time together. But my favorite part is that she takes the material at my pace and always has time for questions and is supportive and fun to talk with. Very glad to be working with her and I know I'll continue to improve with her help. Thank you! 🙂

One of the great advantages of working with Camelia is that I never really paid attention to the grammar when learning English...I just learned how to speak. Now I am better understanding English (and the exceptions in English) as a result of working with Camelia on Romanian. She is fantastic and always upbeat and encouraging. Highly recommended!”



The lesson scheduled with Camelia was for Japanese and she did a great job. She was very calm and supportive as I tried to read the materials she had prepared for me. Her lesson helped me realize how important it is to practice my reading skills, something I had previously ignored. I would recommend her as a teacher to anyone who is having a hard time learning Japanese.



Camelia is an amazing teacher and very understanding. Excellent with total beginners of Romanian. As an American college instructor myself the highest praise I can possibly give somebody is my time. I feel my time learning Romanian with Camelia is time well spent. The upshot? Highly recommended!



Wow! It's almost a year now that I've taken Romanian lessons from Camelia. Camelia is a fantastic teacher and it's been a wonderful experience for me. Perhaps the finest compliment I can give her (I told her this when I met her in Cluj in July) is that she reminds me of my daughter, "frumoasă, inteligentă, creativă, interesantă, artistică." I highly recommend Camelia for lessons in Romanian, English, or Japanese! 🙂




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